Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop Review!

Hi everyone! 

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted! There’s no excuse other than a combination of being busy all the time and being lazy on my days off, I’m sure you guys can understand! 🙂

I’m shining the spotlight on another indie brand today! This is another shop that’s just opened their internet doors, so I’m really excited to be spreading the word about them! 

Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop is an amazing place for my creepy gals and fellow horror movie lovers to get bath products from their favorite movies! Amanda, the shop’s owner, is an esthetician that has specialized in creating the coolest, creepiest, bath bombs and lotions (and more!) 


Amanda is sweet enough to include a handwritten Thank You note and a sample! This Hellraiser themed body butter was next on my list to purchase so I’m so glad I get to try before I buy! Also, how cute are her business cards?! 


I purchased 4 out of the 5 bath bombs that they currently offer. From left to right is the “You’re Mother Uses Bath Bombs in Hell” bomb from The Exorcist, “Pinhead’s Box” from Hellraiser (one of my favorite movies!), “Soul Eater” from The Evil Dead, and the “Blood Bath” bomb which just makes for a delightfully bloody bathing experience! 

Each bath bomb is crafted so well and they all smell amazing! The “Pinhead’s Box” bomb is hand painted, which almost makes me not want to use it! Like I said, Hellraiser is one of my favorite movies and I’m just head over heels for this bath bomb. 


Ghoulish Delights does offer a few other products if bath bombs aren’t your thing! I also got the “Punishment of Krampus” sea salt scrub and two face masks, “Bloody Face” and “Tarman’s Face Melt”! 

This sea salt scrub is great! It smells like Christmas time in the woods and it has left my skin feeling so soft! 

The facial masks are pretty cool, too! Amanda created these dry face masks that you’re able to mix with a liquid of your choice depending on your skin type! Amanda recommended using milk (cow or almond) for my combination skin! 

I can’t wait to see what amazing things Ghoulish Delights come out with next, now it’s time to marathon some horror movies in my “Bloody Face” mask! 🙂

Please check out Ghoulish Delights HERE and on their Instagram HERE!

I hope you all have an amazing week!


Play! By Sephora: April 2016!

You guys…did we even go through all of April?? I feel like I blinked my eyes and it was over! It was an unusually busy month for me and just like that, we’re nearly halfway through 2016! 

If you guys didn’t hear the good news, the Sephora Play! box is now LIVE for anyone and everyone! If you haven’t signed up, head over to their website HERE and sign up! 

This has consistently been my favorite subscription box because it allows me to try new name-brand products.

So let’s take a look at April’s box! 


The theme is “The It Crowd”, which means all the products are new, trendy, and innovative! This box introduced me to some new brands that I was curious about and re-kindled my love for some of my favorite products! 


This box contained a Sunday Riley “Good Genes” treatment, a Sephora cheek gel in “Peony”, and a Clinique “Pep-Start” eye cream! 

I received a sample packette of the Clinique eye cream and I absolutely loved it, so I’m really excited to be able to try it more before I commit to purchasing it. 

I think the Sephora cheek gel is really cute! Its a nice light pink color and this will definitely find a place in my “lazy girl” makeup stash! 

And, of course, since I’m obsessed with skin care, I will definitely be trying out this “Good Genes” treatment! Its a lactic acid that helps create a radiant, glowing complexion…and isn’t that what we all want?! 


I know I say this every time but I love that they include perfume samples! They always smell amazing! This month was 2am Kiss by Derek Lam 10 Crosby. This one has a woody, amber smell and, in a word, it smells really sexy! I wouldn’t usually say that about anything but this definitely gives me some awesome femme fatale vibes. 

I’ve heard a lot about Milk Makeup lately and I’ve been curious about it so I’m glad Sephora included this! This is their Sunshine Oil, which is a citrusy blend of moisturizing oils that can be used on you face, hair, and body! I’m gonna try this out on the ends of my hair! 

Finally, I received another Nars Satin Lip pencil in Rikugein, which was part of my Sephora birthday gift last year. I like this color and the formula but I have other lip products that I prefer instead. My mom really liked this one when she got it so I may give it to her or keep it for a future giveaway (I would like to have another one soon!). 

Once again, love this box and I think the value is definitely worth it! 

I hope you all have an amazing week! Feel free to give me a follow on Instagram and I’ll follow you back! 


Concrete Minerals Review!

It’s time to shine the spotlight on another indie brand, my friends! 

As usual, I discovered Concrete Minerals while scrolling through Instagram! Ever since my amazing experience with the products from Shiro Cosmetics, I’ve been browsing around for more companies that have loose pigments.


Concrete Minerals is vegan and cruelty free, and they currently offer products for eyes and lips! Also, let me say, these jars are WAY bigger than the jars from Shiro, but they are a few dollars more in price. 

There’s also a huge range of colors, so if you’re into neutral colors, they have plenty in both metallic and matte forms! I feel like this is a great option to discover some of those great staple colors that you can use every day like transition crease colors or highlight colors! 

I purchased three different colors that I liked and their eyeshadow primer since I’m currently trying to discover a new one! They also included a generous sample bag of a color that I think I’ll absolutely love! 


The jars with the black caps are their traditional pigments which come in metallics, shimmers, and mattes! The jars with the white caps are a part of their “Pro Matte” collection which contains all matte pigments (obviously) that come in the coolest bright and neon colors! Seriously, the pigmentation from the Pro Matte collection will blow you away.

Top to bottom is “Temptress”, “Hearts”, and “Risque”! 


I’ve been wearing a lot of red colors lately, but I hadn’t found that perfect red matte that my 16-year-old, Hot Topic wearin’ self so desperately desired….well, now I have! 

Top to bottom swatches:

“Hearts” which is part of their regular collection. It’s a matte red that leans a little more on the hot pink side.

“Risque” is that true matte red, you guys, part of the Pro Matte collection! Not only is it so blend-able, it doesn’t feel chalky at all. Truly a goth girl’s dream.

“Temptress” is a color that I was naturally drawn to, a dark teal with gold shimmer! This is beautiful summery color! 

So what do you guys think about Concrete Minerals? Do you have any of their products? You can check ’em out HERE

Let me know in the comments!

Also, I totally missed it, but my blog is officially one year old! WOOHOO! I started this blog while I wasn’t working and it honestly motivated me to get out of bed each morning. I know I’m not as active as some others or not as professional or whatever, but that’s because this blog is about me! HUGE thank you to the friends that I’ve made so far and the ones that I’ll continue to make, I love you all! 

Also, thank you to everyone who supports me, reads my posts, and comments on them, it really means the world to me! 



BeautyCon Box by Graveyardgirl!

Hi, everyone! 

I recently got my very first BeautyCon box! This is another subscription service, but this one is curated by some of the most popular bloggers and YouTube personalities! It’s also a quarterly box, which means it’s only sent out four times a year (per season!)

I haven’t really been interested in any of the past boxes, but I really love Bunny’s (aka Grav3yardgirl) style! I probably won’t continue this subscription unless another blogger I really like curates a box. 🙂


I was really excited to see what Bunny put inside! Like I said, I love her style and I think she has a great taste in beauty products! 


I love how personal these boxes get! Bunny included a portrait of herself that listed the box’s items on the back and she even picked out the tissue paper! 


So the price of this particular box is $29 and I was really surprised how great the value was! For example, included in the box was a DollsKill gift card for $20 and the Mini Beauty Blenders are $18! 


So let’s break down what’s in the box! I mentioned the DollsKill gift card that’s for $20, but I also received the Maybelline Rock Nudes eyeshadow palette, a pack of Garnier Cleansing Towelettes, a keychain designed by Bunny, a pack of cute tie-dye hair elastics, and a pack of nail wraps that were designed by Bunny! 

I’m really excited about the nail wraps, I think they’re adorable! I also really love the Maybelline eyeshadows, they’re surprisingly pigmented! 


I also received a deluxe sample of GlamGlow YouthMud, a Nyx Matte Finishing spray, a Murad Moisturizer, a pack of two Mini Beauty Blenders, a Pacifica lipstick and a sample of Benefit’s They’re Real mascara! 

I love this Pacifica lipstick, its such a flattering shade! I’m also excited to have these mini Beauty Blenders because they’re perfect for my under eye concealer! 

I absolutely love this box that Bunny curated! I really feel like she put her personality into it and that’s exactly why I wanted to purchase it! 🙂 

Does anyone else get BeautyCon boxes? Let me know how you guys like it and whether or not I should keep this subscription around! 


L’Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Balm Review!

Hi, everyone! 

I’m gonna keep this review today super short and super sweet!  🙂 

I received another Influenster box in the mail! If you’re not signed up for Influenster, go to their website HERE and join! You do have to be extremely active on social media to start qualifying for their Vox Boxes (free products for testing/reviews) but the easiest way to do that is to hashtag EVERYTHING! 

I was really excited for this particular box because I am still searching for my hair’s “holy grail” product! Since I’ve let my hair be more natural, I’m still learning what works and what doesn’t for my particular hair texture. 


There are three different versions of this Cleansing Balm and I received the one for dry, damaged hair. I don’t really have damaged hair, but it is a little dry and definitely frizzy! 

This product claims to be a 6-in-1 product that cleanses, conditions, treats, detangles, softens, and shines, I am happy to confirm, it does all six! 

This product is definitely reminiscent of WEN, which I used and wasn’t crazy about…it just didn’t do anything special for my hair and the price for WEN is NOT right for the amount of product I had to use. This L’Oreal Cleansing Balm also takes a lot of product for my hair but with a price of only about $12, it’s a lot easier for me to justify using so much product! 

I tested this without using anything else on my hair and I will say that it didn’t help de-frizz my hair, so I would like to try the version for curly hair. Other than that, I really do love this cleansing conditioner! It smells SO GOOD and I feel like my hair stays cleaner for longer.

I’ll have to keep using it to truly see if it’s my new “holy grail”, but for now, it’s the only thing I reach for in the shower! 🙂

I hope you all have an amazing week! 


Play! By Sephora: March 2016!

I feel like I haven’t posted a Play! box in a while! I ended up giving some items away to my friends from last month’s box and I totally forgot to photograph them before I did! 

No big deal, but I’m happy I can show you what’s in this month’s box! 


This month’s theme is “The Perfection Collection” which deals with creating the perfect complexion! This is a theme that’s definitely right for me since I’m always more focused on having nice skin than anything else. 

I was pretty pleased with this box so let’s dive right into it! 


I received the Smashbox Primer Oil, a Fresh Soy Face cleanser and the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Sheild! 

Didn’t I JUST get the Primer Oil?! I got it in my last Ipsy bag so now I’m swimming in Primer Oil. I did decide to try it out on my skin without makeup and it did make my face feel nice and smooth! It also absorbed really quickly so I think for those who have dry skin, it would work well as a primer.

I’m absolutely in love with the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser! I got it as my “birthday gift” from Sephora and I’ve been using it ever since. It makes my skin feel clean and smooth and removes makeup easily, so I’m happy to have another one! 

Finally, I got the Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Sheild. It acts as a primer and moisturizer that smooths and perfects AND it has sunscreen! I’m all about primers with an SPF so I can’t wait to use this.


I also received a Replica fragrance sample, a Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and a Sephora brand beauty sponge! They also included a little foundation sample jar that I can take into the store to receive a sample of my perfect foundation match! 

I really actually love that they include a fragrance sample into every box because these are perfect to throw in my purse when I need a little freshening up. This one smells amazing, like being at the beach! 

I actually prefer the Stila eyeliner to this Kat Von D one, but in my world, you can never have too much eyeliner! 

Finally, the beauty sponge! I am ALL ABOUT this sponge. It feels amazing and soft and bouncy and I love the shape of it! I want to point out that this sponge is $12 and since the box itself is only $10, I really feel like I got my money’s worth out of this month’s box! 

Of course, I will be visiting my local Sephora to use my little foundation jar! 

I’m pretty happy with this box, as usual, I think the Sephora box is really the best subscription service out there! I say this every time but I really hope they make this public soon so everyone can enjoy it! 

Have an amazing week!


Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette!

I don’t usually talk about how bad my insomnia is, but if it wasn’t for one of my usual sleepless nights, I wouldn’t have been able to get my hands on this beauty: Too Faced’s Sweet Peach palette! 


This and other products in their Spring 2016 collection launched at midnight on March 17th and within minutes….the website crashed! Oops. Luckily, because I was up all night until 7 am, I was still able to log in and purchase with no problems! 


I’ve been anxiously awaiting this palette since it was announced so I’m happy I was able to snatch it up since it is currently sold out and probably will be for a while. 😦

Okay, I know I’m boring you guys with details so let’s dive into this gorgeous palette! 


First of all, it smells amazing! Definitely like sweet peaches! I think the names are so cute and colors named “Bless Her Heart”, “Georgia”, and “Charmed, I’m Sure” definitely appeal to my inner Southern Belle! 

I do think this palette has a lot of neutrals but they are all different and I like the pops of color that they included. I would have liked to see more greens instead of purples, I think that would fit the theme better, but hey, I don’t own Too Faced, and I still love the purple colors. 

I apologize in advance for the swatches! It’s an overcast day…not that I’m complaining because that’s definitely my favorite type of weather! 


Top: White Peach, Nectar, Peaches ‘N Cream

Middle: Luscious, Cobbler, Georgia

Bottom: Just Peachy, Candied Peach, Caramalized


Top: Bless Her Heart, Bellini, Puree

Middle: Tempting, Peach Pit, Summer Yum

Bottom: Charmed I’m Sure, Delectable, Talk Derby To Me

If you’ve used Too Faced shadows, you already know the quality is amazing! These were all swatched without primer, as usual. Some of the mattes feel a little chalky, but I’m sure over eyeshadow primer, they would perform just fine! 

All of the colors are extremely pigmented, even the lighter ones, which surprised me! 

I think my favorites out of the bunch would have to be “Candied Peach”, “Tempting” and “Summer Yum”! “Candied Peach” is definitely the star of the palette, a perfect peach! “Tempting” is a really interesting color, its like a metallic-y black brown! The finish honestly reminds me of leather which makes for a really cool eyeshadow! Finally, “Summer Yum” is a gorgeous brown-orange which is one of my favorite shadow colors to wear.

So what do you guys think? Will you be adding this palette to your collection as soon as possible, or were you lucky enough to get your hands on it when it launched?! Let me know in the comments below! 

Feel free to follow me on Instagram and I’ll gladly follow you back! 


Birchbox: March 2016!

Hello, everyone! 

I was pretty excited to receive March’s Birchbox this month because I FINALLY decided to cancel my Ipsy. Yep, bye bye, Ipsy…we’ve had to break up, for now! 

I decided to take the money spent on Ipsy and instead, use it towards another monthly subscription box that includes healthy snacks! So far I’m loving the switch and I would definitely be willing to do a post if you guys are interested in which box I went with! 

But for now….on to the Birchbox for this month! 


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this month’s box! There’s not one item that I that I can’t use! 


Benefit definitely stole the show in my Birchbox this month by including TWO samples from their new Porefessional line! On the left, we have the Porefessional Instant Wipeout Mask. I’m a mask hoarder and I’m planning on using this today as my mask for the week!

They also included the Porefessional Matte Rescue Invisible Finish Mattifying Gel! With the temperature heating up here in Tennessee, I’ve had to start switching to all of my mattifying products so I’m hoping this will fit right into my routine!


The “makeup” portion of the box was a Cynthia Rowley brightening illuminator and a Smashbox cosmetics eyeshadow trio!

You guys know that I love looking highlighters and glowing all over and since I really haven’t been wearing a lot of foundations (because…lazy…) I think this creamy illuminator will fit right into my current “go-to” looks! 

Alright…these Smashbox eyeshadows. I’m definitely into the cute, matte, neutrals. I’m definitely into the fact that I can keep this in a bag and travel with it (I always bring too much eyeshadow!). Then, I swatched them…THEY ARE SO SMOOTH! I guess I haven’t tried Smashbox eyeshadows before? Somehow they must have slipped under my radar since they DO tend to lead more toward neutrals and I already have so many! I will be playing with these though, because they are really buttery and feel amazing, even just on my hand!


Finally, the last two products I received are a shower gel from Not Soap, Radio and a dry shampoo from Amika! 

The shower gel smells amazing and again, I always love simple things like this that are travel friendly! I make it sound like I’m some well-travelled woman but really, we tend to travel a lot more since we live away from our families and I am extremely close to my fam! 

I actually used this dry shampoo yesterday (did I mention I’m lazy?!) and I loved it so much that I sat down and purchased it from Birchbox’s website right then and there! It made my hair a little cleaner (enough for one more day) and gave my hair amazing volume and texture. It also smells amazing, so that’s always a plus! 

I was definitely a little sad to have to “break up” with Ipsy but with Birchbox still sending out strong boxes that really suit me, I know I’ll be fine! 😉 

Have an amazing week! 



Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack Review!

Hi, everyone!  My sister recently tagged me in a video on Instagram that was of a really interesting product! I think it’s been out for a little while now, but with its Korean origins, it’s definitely new to me!  With the help of the internet, I tracked it down and was able to purchase it from Amazon!  It’s the My Lip Tint Pack by Berrisom!  IMG_9070 “My Lip Tint Pack” is the official name for the product, even just a singular tube. I decided to get a set of them to try, it was about $23 for 6 tubes of product ranging in shades.  IMG_9071 What this is supposed to be is a long wearing, temporary tattoo type of lip stain! It’s kind of freaky and weird to use but I was REALLY happy with the results so let me explain: There are three steps to this product which I had to research since the back of the tube is all in Korean! Step one is to literally “glob” on the product in a thick layer to your lips: IMG_9074 You can see I’ve done that here. I went with the darkest shade, “Sexy Red” because I figured it would have the most noticeable outcome!  This stuff is as thick as glue but has a pleasant berry smell. It’s a little strange to put so much product on your lips… Step two to let this dry for about 15 minutes. This is definitely the hardest step because you can’t close your mouth or put your lips together! My fiancé was giggling at me through this entire process!  Now here’s where it gets strange… Step three is to peel this off your lips and be left with the stain once it dries. I was really nervous about this pulling at my lips but… IMG_9077 It came right off in one layer!  I will say that I exfoliated and moisturized my lips the night before and that is a critical step when using these. The product kind of clung to any dry patches on my lips and I can imagine there would be some pain if you tried to peel this off of dry lips!  IMG_9078 Here’s the final results! You can see where the dry parts of my lips are a little discolored, but that’s fine! I then decided to put this to the test to see if it really lasted all day! This was at around 3 pm. IMG_9084 Here are my lips four hours later at 7pm! They still had a lot of color to them!  IMG_9085 Okay, you guys….this is from the NEXT MORNING! Seriously! They’re still pink!  This is definitely one of the weirdest products that I’ve tried but it really works! I’m glad I got the set with several colors to try!  The set is available HERE from Amazon! 🙂  What do you guys think about the My Lip Tint Pack from Berrisom? Is it something you’d try? Who else here is obsessed with Korean beauty?! They make the coolest things! -Savannah  

Shiro Cosmetics Review+Haul!

I’ll admit it, I’m a total nerd. I love books, medieval themed television shows and the occasional cartoon. So when I found Shiro Cosmetics, the combination of my nerd-girl personality with my passion for cosmetics made my soul feel….complete. 

I mean, it was a little less dramatic than that, but I really love their products….


Shiro Cosmetics is a small indie company based near Portland, Oregon that is owned by two lovely ladies and run by just a handful of people.

Most of the products that they offer are loose pigment eyeshadows that come in 2mg jars that feature art by local artists! They also offer samples in the form of  “half sized” jars (1mg) that don’t include artwork on the front and sample sized bags! However, they also have lip products, face products, and nail polish! 

I personally purchased everything in the picture you see above EXCEPT the sample bags…they include a few in every order! They also include candy in every order which I ate about 2 seconds after opening the package. 


The themes for products include The Hobbit, Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Avengers, The Legend of Zelda, and a LOT more! They also host a few other brands on their website, including Detrivore Cosmetics, which is why I have some of their products, too! 


They also recently came out with a collection that featured tree puns and I couldn’t see myself passing that up…

Let’s look at some swatches! These are all swatched without primer because I was not trying to cover my entire arm with eyeshadow primer…

You can see, though, they’re all amazingly pigmented! But you will want to use a primer since these are loose pigments.


From left to right:

“The Anguished Sighs Of Retail Employees” (yes, that is the name and it is amazing). It’s a light minty-green base with pink glitter. Part of a Christmas collection. 

“If You Bough Out Now, I’ll Never Fir-give You” which is a dark brown with blue glitter. 

“Leaf Me Alone, I’m Pine” is a matte blue-green.

“Grow Home Douglas, You’re Trunk” is a matte yellow, mustard-y gold color and is my favorite so far! These three are part of the “Angsty Evergreen Tree-o”….tree puns.


L to R:

“Cremains” by Detrivore Cosmetics which is a dark grey with silver shimmer.

“Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees” is part of the Hobbit Collection and is green with pink shimmer, slightly darker than “Anguished Sighs” above.

“Mother Of Dragons” is a gorgeous metallic pink with hints of peach and purple! It is part of the Seven Kingdoms Collection.


These are the smaller half sized sample jars of a few colors that I wasn’t sure about but wanted to try. This is still a generous amount of product! 


L to R:

“The Boy Who Lived” which is dark brown base with gold glitter, part of the Marauders, Mugwumps, and Muggles Collection (Harry Potter themed!). 

“Elite Four” is a light purple base with all kinds of silvery and purple shimmer to it! It’s part of the Super Effective Collection (Pokemon). 

“Ganondorf” is a dark metallic wine color and it is absolutely beautiful! It’s part of the Legends Collection (Legend of Zelda).

Each color I swatched made me so excited! They’re all beautiful, smooth, and extremely pigmented! 


As I mentioned, Shiro Cosmetics also includes samples! I’m not sure, but it does seem like they took into account what I purchased and gave me things that fit my particular order. If it was just a coincidence, then all my samples were perfectly picked. 

I also purchased the “Red Wedding” lip gloss because I love the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series and the Red Wedding left me with emotions that I’m still dealing with.


L to R:

“Constant Vigilance!” which is metallic gold from the Harry Potter themed collection.

“War of Five Armies” which is a metallic brick/brownish red from the Hobbit collection.

“The Tower” which is a matte dark purple grey by Detrivore Cosmetics! 


Finally, here’s a shot of me wearing the Red Wedding lip gloss which I LOVE! You can apply this with the applicator for a bright lip or pat it on with your finger for a nice red lip stain! 

I know this is an extremely long post, but I wanted to include ALL the swatches in case anyone was thinking of making a purchase! 

If you love nerdy cosmetics that are made with love, you should DEFINITELY head over to Shiro Cosmetics’ website and check them out! 

Feel free to follow me on Instagram to see plenty more “makeup of the day” posts using these products! 

Have an amazing day!